ZAPA7IR's universal name emerged in web development in 2013. The idea was to publish content without having to use my birth name. The origin ZAPA7iR, my first and last name in reverse, has changed the letter T to the number 7.
For 7 years I have been exploring, experimenting and publishing in open source various content resulting from collaborations, original creations and copyright of diverse content. 


ZAPA7IR my soul print, unique globally, is also  the name of my aka (avatar), a green dragon that turned into a person, as the avatars of second life returned to being human In search engines it can be seen that any link with this name appears without competitors, a philosophy that has to do with gymstrada, for example, which is based on a collaborative and non-competitive model.

An asset to any new partnership that wishes to be at the top of the search engines and identify with our visions.

Love, Freedom, Creativity, Sustainability

About the author

As a creative and researcher I develop on my own three extensions .

this adress ME extension A  Creative site , with author articles,  offer design , photo and video services , as well art printed products that can order on the shop  of the site NET Working on a Biz model based on distributing links and offers to third-party publishers. Researching for top performing products, and promoting good deals as a network partner.
On the one hand, it wants to help creators promote and sell their work and share resources related to the interdisciplinary arts. On the other hand, it wants to promote the intersection of other areas of interest such as renewable energies, eco design, alternative medicine, personal, collective and spiritual development. Learning  and exploring digital economy , how blockchain technology works, hybrid articles , content related with cryptocurrency )  Universal basic income for everyone. Philosophy Everyone should receive from the data they produce

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