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Part of the Journey

I ll start to share my story . or part and how i overcome the fear of rejection and different challenges from my own perpective . Today i felt Inspired on the webinar offered by Richard and Kylie on Webinar Series, Conscious Marketing , i watch first video ” The Realization:┬áThe Power of Telling Your Story and Becoming the Guide. Listening from Sevilha , in a space of Salud, a friend Choreographer, interpreter, educator and cultural manager at Laboratorios SLD.

In May of this year I left Portugal, hitchhiking for the Gathering in Rioja , then I went to the European Rainbow Gathering in the French Pyrenees and at the end of the summer I was present at the Rainbow gathering in Italy , at Emiglia Romagnia. After Italy, I traveled to Greece by plain and returned to Portugal in September.

Exceptional demand, with strong will and with very little money the magic happens!

“Give up all your assumptions “.

I went out from Portugal for second time this year , more than too weeks ago . This time i bring the car full of books and objects from my past that i set an intention for detached and sell in second hand markets in the way to Spain . Any way i need to earn money to sustain myself and continuing travel. Successful we made it, for very cheap prices, thanks to her help and contacts .

The earns allow me to travel in direction of the natural reserve in the Sierra de la Segura, where we made a rainbow healing gathering

Thanks well , even if was in the last days of the gathering . Value for strengthen relation with myself and others , be more deep connected with nature and beautiful brave sisters and brothers that were there too.

Now i comeback to Babylon, let go of my preciosos objects for sell again . Feel free to contact me any time by messenger or send me a email to arts @zapa7ir,me if interested in having any of them .

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